Frequently Asked Questions Interlocking Panels

1. What is PANEL PIEDRA®?
PANEL PIEDRA® is the registered brand name for our extensive line of manufactured stone, brick and
design panels.

2. Is this real stone?
PANEL PIEDRA® panels are manufactured stone panels with real marble stone dust used on the face, giving real stone texture and color.

3. What are PANEL PIEDRA® panels made of?
PANEL PIEDRA® panels are made of high density polyurethane, polyester resin, and real marble stone powder, making them extremely lightweight and durable.

4. Which is the standard size of PANEL PIEDRA® panels?
The standard size of PANEL PIEDRA® panels is approximately 1 Sqm (10 sq. ft.).
Thatʼs the size we manufacture nearly ALL our panels. PANEL PIEDRA® panels can be cut down to any
size very easily. ALL panelsʼ edges are cut as puzzle to ease the installation process.

5. How much do PANEL PIEDRA® panels weigh?
WEIGHT: 5 - 6 kg/sq. meter. (1-2 Lbs/sq.ft.)

6. Which is the thickness of PANEL PIEDRA® panels?
THICKNESS: Approx. 1.5 / 4 cm. (0.59 / 1.57 inches), depending on the relief of the actual stone/panel.

7. How many stone styles, textures and colors are available?
PANEL PIEDRA® currently has over 60 styles, textures and colors available with further styles being developed. Please, contact us for our latest product catalogue.

8. Will PANEL PIEDRA® panels fade?
No. PANEL PIEDRA® panels have been certified for exterior applications. Existing applications have
shown no change in color after years of weathering in various climatic conditions.

9. Does PANEL PIEDRA® manufacture only panels?
No. There are also available corners to match every panel, different types of moldings, arches and beams.

10. Can PANEL PIEDRA® panels be affected by humidity?
Moisture cannot go through because PANEL PIEDRA® panels have no pores.

11. Can PANEL PIEDRA® panels be affected by graffiti?
You should apply an anti-graffiti formula on the panels you think will be subject to graffiti.

12. Can PANEL PIEDRA® panels be varnished?
Yes, and you can also paint them to change the color. You should use the proper paint for polyester resin.