The following Information is about the Interlocking Panels

(codes starting  with PR)

Interior & Exterior Decorative Wall Coverings

INTERLOCKING PANELS - Panel Piedra® (PR panels)
The synthetic decorative wall covering panels are made of high density polyurethane, polyester resin, and stone powder, making them extremely lightweight.
The standard size of Interlocking panels is approximately 1 Sqm (10 sq. ft.). These panelsʼ edges are cut as puzzle to ease the installation process.
The panels have to be fixed with screws to a flat surface such as: brick wall, block wall..
Please note: the panels cannot be close to a naked flame or heat.


-Easy and simple installation.
-Quick installation system.
-Cost savings in labor
-Dose not require maintenance.
-Excellent soundproof qualities
-Can be used inside and out
-Perfect finish
-Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity
-Ease of transport and handling.

- Installation video link:

Interlocking panels (Panel Piedra® collection) European reaction to fire classification: Euroclass B-s3,d1